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The slender, straight, firm and flexible ivory wood was in service of human being since the day immemorial. It was an accessory for the man who used it in many purposes such as a walking stick weapon to kill birds and animals to pluck fruits and flower and fishing too. Its only after realization the substance is flexible and can be made thin by grazing as it was available chubby and reedy both the kind. Bamboo is hard but empty inside while cane is comparatively flabby and soft. It was processed by clipping and the slick and bendy pieces of the materials was used for weaving baskets. Then these were trimmed and joined to make many serviceable things like furniture, storing baskets and screens and many more. At this point, fiber crafts refers to the technique applied while working with the ivory woods. This art is called as fiber craft because cane and bamboo are used for weaving bags and baskets of different size and shapes. These functional products are employed for carrying goods and storing gains and other durable goods. Screens, mats, head gears On the other hand, the craft is very similar to woodwork as the carpenters does the same job like trimming and joining the different pieces of bamboo and canes and assembles many serviceable items like furniture, smoking pipe, fishing rods, walking sticks, staffs, official canes and decorative mugs and musical instruments.


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