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Gemstones are the precious stones collected from the pits and mines. These are regarded as valuable objects because of their dearthness and increasing demand by the people. These stones used to be status symbol for the bigwigs in the ancient time and it was also worn by the people as a religious or cultural emblem, racial sign or  a token for their identity. Diamonds, sapphire, ruby topaz and have been the real assets of primeval folks.

These stones are worn with other metallic ornaments like rings, bangles, necklace, bracelets which were studded by several gemstones. The growing demand for gemstones are not for the rarity and physical attributes. But the cultural and traditional factors are amenable for the consumer behavior as they are driven by the faith and belief that these stones have divine influence over the human lives which can save them from mishaps and fetch good fortunes. Moreover, quality of the gemstones are unsurpassable by other kind of ornaments as these are very long lasting and these remain unaffected by dust, fire and atmospheric pressure.


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