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The primitive scriptures and writings evident that the manufacturing of glass was in full fledge prior to the 3rd century. Its totally an ambiguous question that who where and when invented the formula of mingling sand, soda and lime to prepare glass which was recipe of glass making that was known to scores of people. With a little knowledge in chemistry they had beed skilled at making beautiful glass wares for domestic and decorative purposes. The fusing of sand, lime and soda gives an end result as glass which could be draft into a variety of form according to purpose and preference. The course of progression in this trail follows a complete physical change in the materials used for merging and blending into glass. And this is one of the incredible chore undertaken by the primal inhabitants. It is also studied that crystal was also used as a raw material for making quality glass. Mirror was a common item made of glass which had substituted the metallic looking glasses made of silver or the like. Many house hold utensils and allied items were made by the ancient communities in the early days. Jewelry and ornaments made of glass was very popular among the antique folks. They used to embellish and emboss the glass products with miscellaneous designs and colors. Replication of diamond and gems was a wide practice then.


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