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Starting from the word go handicrafts is live to tell the tale of its natural history. In the beginning of human life on the planet, he had started with empty hand, bare body and without a roof over head. But the genuine hard works and honest labors had shown him the way towards easy life. Handiworks was dealt with the earthen materials and woods and yet outlasting till now but the art has been revolutionize with arrival of many other raw materials. Exploration of natural resources like fabrics and mineral deposits and other reserves the living being had initiated exploiting all the coffers as mush as he could.

The pages of history unscramble the amazing facts of finding new materials, sighting unseen assets, unearthing novel resources, discovering fresh items, invention of unusual objects and entities, working out to the bottom of the motivation that instigated to bring about new-fangled arts and crafts to the world. Learning the usages of the available material goods, craftsman of early days had utilized the things employing their accomplished expertise. Days gone by, time changed, arts and crafts had been revolutionized and further the handiwork took a new set up with the advancement of human thought and imagination. Fashion altered, techniques reformed, materials replaced, products invented but handicrafts become a primary vacation in human civilization once for all.


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