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Carving and Etching

Carving is the sophisticated art work undertaken by the expert craftsman who undertakes the meticulous task under fatiguing process that requires immense endurance and determination. These works are very elongated and sustaining.

Carving and etching on the macrobiotic materials like  ivory, shell, bone   nails and horn are  brought about to create delightful craft article which are distinctive and  unique for their appealing looks and excellence.

The available resources are  carved and etched by the accomplished hands to craft many trendy articles like bird and figures,  buttons, cigarette cases, little boxes, ashtrays, pen stands lamps and many more. Etching and painting on ivory wood is like painting the lily.

Shell are fashioned to many chandelier, plant holders, tray, platter, lamp and small boxes by carving and engraving. Bone and nails are the valuable raw materials for making decorative and  jewelry for general use. combs, coasters and many articles could be produced by carving these materials.

Etching  is carried out for to figure attractive images on  ivory and bone. Many beautiful icons can be chisel on horn and nail. scratching many designs on these materials makes the items entracing.


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