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The world is a treasure of many precious things the nature has abundantly gifted to human being at no cost. The living being have been taking trove from the earth since the he was born. There is nothing with with man what he is not given by the nature. But the most significant attribute of man is that he has been learning to make things as much as he can ever since the day he had footed on the surface of the earth. He has been trying his hands on whatever he is given getting it suitable to work out. Handicraft is one of the result of his attempt to give vent to his desires and imagination. Many raw materials are required for making handicrafts. And the following chapter contains the materials use in the handcraft process.

Ever since the year one imagination and creativity of human being have been showing him the way of progress. The innovative thoughts have guided the artists to explore the resourceful treasure of the nature. And holding the finger of the visions man have been perking up till he has reached at this point where he is standing now. The artistic spirit and arty character of the living being have made him connoisseur. The craftsmen have employed all the available reserves from the nature to express their temperaments through the productions. The coffers are derived from the natural sources and applied by the artists to craft out into a functional and serviceable article which could be exploited by every one.

Handiworks had started with the sludge and mud which a had been created a circular shape and the pot came out. Wood was cut with a sharp tool made of stone or metal and a design came into being Like wise the stone was grazed by another stone to structure the desirable size and sculpture was made. Stating from the discovery of silk and cotton are spun and woven then woo jute and coir were explored. Leaf and flowers too were used the artworks. Cane and bamboo were the common articles used in daily life but making many sophisticated furniture and home furnishings are wonderful . bark and wood pulp are used for making paper. Skin and pelts of animals, ivory, bone, horn, nails, fur and feathers are good resources of handicraft.


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