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The credit of inventing paper goes to a Chinese individual named Ts'ai Lun even though the concept and notion for paper along with Papyrus was conceived by the ancient people of Egypt. The Chinese whiz had experimentally mingled the bark of mulberry (plant) hemp and rags squashing them with water. The dampen things of the three items merged with water was used to prepare a thick liquid. The juice was then spilt over a plain surface and protracted like a sheet. when it was dried in the sun the layer of the sodden mixture came out like a screen. People in those days were inscribing their expression on the walls, stones, fabrics, leaves and others. Whreas most ofd them were using, clay tablet, palm leaves, bronze sheets and silk clothes for documentation of their thoughts and ideas. The white sheet made of mulberry bark,hemp and rag was used for writing scriptures and other inscriptions. Hereafter, the Buddhist preachers of China spread the technique of making paper to neighboring countries like Japan, India Arab and Europe.


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