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People say man is made of soil and it is perhaps said because the because body decomposes in the earth after loss of the human body which is made of by the constituents of such compounds which are the elements of earth. Bye and bye, earth is the inevitable need for human being to exist in the planet. He is not only living on the surface of the earth but also making many useful things out of it for his personal and domestic uses. Earthen utensil are found through the archaeological discoveries form the ancient civilization of the prehistoric ages which stands for the bygone days of the pottery craft. The detrop water of rain had made the soil into mud which was easy to mould and figure into various shapes and sizes by hand. When it was known that the feeble articles made of sludge turn into comparatively hard substances after it is kept in the sun, curiosity for fabricating different items was seen among the cave dwellers. Caveman started form a lot of things for the love of it and had fun looking his own creation. But the stuffs were of no use as they were not conceived with a special purpose and not in a planned manner. In course of time, he started building many sophisticated things and found that it could be used in many purposes. The clay crafts dissolved in water and was not so strong to endure tingle hence it broke very easily. Thus, thoughts were take to make the things much better and lasting. The idea of turning and blazing the earthen article was an excellent plan. When the earthen objects were fired it did not merged in waterat all. However, it is unknown who and when envisioned though the method has been put in practice till this day and age even if the pattern and motif of the earthen crafts have been changed.

By passage of time, crafters began manufacturing many sophisticated things. As premeditatedly it was adapted coloring, shaping, embellishing was followed by the people and flourished in the lateral days. Now, art of pottery has been a hobby or pass time for the western people though it has been used as functional utensil in some of the Asian, African and American countries. In modern days pot pourri has been a decorative art. Thus many decorative articles like flower vase, earthen lamps, and pitchers are made of clay. More in addition, playthings like dolls and figures, idols and models of fruits and vegetables are made by the artists to keep up the craft trend besides earning livelihood for their selves.


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