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Carving is the another art of handcraft widely practiced throughout the worlds. Carving is a handiwork over the stone, lumber metal, ivory, glass or leather. It is a decorative work also called as glyph, anaglyph, Ana glyptography. The out line of the frame work is conceived in imagination before working out the output. The chart of the designs and motifs are marked out over the raw materials and the errand begins with sizing. This is a work of embossment which represents an artistic temperament and creation.

Carving also can be called as Statuette in a sense but it differs while the chore is undertaken over several elements. In the ancient days it was consummated by different artist over woods. Carving was started with wood and stone and then it is also acted upon ivory, leather metal and glass. The carved ivory of ancient days speaks about the art and skill of olden days that had been accomplished by the historic folk. carving and engraving metals was started sooner as the smelting and casting other minerals was cultured. Hence forth people had started whittle and fashioning leather in new motifs and designs for different uses. By passage of time making of glass was cultivated and etching on it with sharp tools put in to practice by various artist in the early time which have been kept alive till today.


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