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Stone crafts is a survival of human creativity which have been experienced since auld lang syne. Stone Age is the antiquity of prehistoric age when stone was learned to be used for a wide diversity of purposes form making fire to creating edged tools for use. As soon as the art of shaping stones learned people had started applying stone materials in domestic use in large scale. Then stone carving and sculpting took great pace.

Since the good old days stone has been in great help to human being. From making fire to the edged tools used for hunting and doing house hold works stone was used intrinsically. The art of rock sculpture is one of the oldest craft undertaken by man. The time and place when and where the foundation of the art laid down is no obvious till date. The recent discovery of a stone craft from Indus valley civilization propounds that the art was implemented form the the time immemorial. The archaeologists states that stone crafts was not practiced widely by the people in the prehistoric days but it was only limited to domestic uses like making tools like knife, chopper, grinder, pestle and other house hold things. It was in the early historic the art of stone craft flourished and largely implemented when man started structuring great architectural monuments like mansion, palace and forts and other establishments. Besides this sculpting the statutes, idols and images was undertaken by stone carvers . Figures and portrays of animal and human being of the ancient time speaks that the artist has attained a remarkable skill and experience in the trade yet. Iconography was very popular in the olden days. The artisans were sculpting deities and other figures magnificently. Quarrying stone had become a good work of art in those days and the crafter had taken great care and interest to  make their virtu  and masterpieces. Their work form cutting stones, sculpting over it and then the polishing as the finishing touch was very hard and laborious task. Still ignoring their exhaustion and difficulties they were in the line of business not only for their livelihood but for an artistic vision and noble cause. Stone work had taken measure during some hundreds of years B.C. when the artists were engaged in the structural works. They were employed by the kings and queens for sculpting many pieces of virtue and the old masters are still attracting visitors today. Great architectural monuments caves icons and other sculptures had been under taken in these days. In countries like India, Greece and Egypt the art has been boosted outstandingly. The wonderful pillars with brilliantly polished that looks and shines like glass.

Some stones like marble, soap stone, granite, sandstone or semi precious and precious stones are used in the stone craft. The sculptors chooses the stones corresponding to the work he does and the tonal quality of the stone. The work progresses from stone quarrying to cutting and sculpting to polishing respectively. Sculpting is done by laying down the stone horizontally on the surface of the earth to devoid any cracking . Keeping the design and pattern of the output in view the artist proceeds his mission. After the carving work the most important thing is polishing and final touch which is like icing the cake. The work done by a expert artist are very elegant and refine. The stone craft s includes images, idols, portrays, boxes, bowls, plaques and many domestic goods and decorative items.

However, it can be said that the art is a hereditary attribute which are still running in the blood of the artist of this day and age. The artists sculpts the lifeless stones into a radiance life like image or statue. The pieces of art reflects the thin line of rope to the little drop of dew over the stone. Many handicrafts like idols, icons, images, and novelties  made of stones are widely available with us.


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