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Man and trees were friends ever since the world was new. He was living in the woodland with the savage animal endangering his life as he was replenishing all basic needs from tree lines. He hand started he usage of bough and branches for making hut and bothie other than the flower, fruits, leaves and barks he was eating and wearing. With change of time he had learned how to shape the logs of plant and trees in to different forms by cutting, razing and joining the parts he was trimming. In course of time, he knew the various woods and different parts of tree and started working with the required material accordingly. They have been classified an known as hardwood, softwood, heartwood, cordwood, log, timber, lumber, board, plank, slat, splat, lath stick, stave, shake, clap board, weather board, chip board, hard board, block board which was used in lath work, timber work and panel work and the like.

After ages, a time has came when occupation of the people in the society was recognized according to their professional skills. And the people who were specialized and well accustomed in the carpentry were called wood cutter, wood craftsman, wood carver, form engraver, wood engraver, furniture maker, marquetry worker, joiner and scientifically known as xylographer and xylopyrographer or pyrographer. Wood crafts are produced in almost all country of the world and each and every country have unique place cards which are universally recognized throughout the world. The handicraft products of India, Africa, Mexico, China, NepalThailand and others are very popular for their mesmerizing beauty and evenness. The sawyers of those countries sculpt or carve and paint the novelties and showpieces magnificently which are eye catchy and luring. The coopers mostly use teak, Blackwood, pinea, Sandalwood, Rosewood,Ebony, Cedar and a huge number of local variety of glazing, durable and weather proof woods for making many handcrafts. The work is either carved, turned, sculpted, whittled, burned or cut or trimmed, white-lined, black-lined, engraved or painted. These works are also called carpentry, xylography, lithography, glyptography, linocut, cerography, style, point in the subject of wooden craft.


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