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Spinning yarns and weaving fabrics is a time honored art. The archaeological findings suggests that fabric craft was in vogue beyond the Christian era. However, it is obvious the wool was spun and woven behind the other natural fiber like silk and cotton. However, the wool supposed to be found from the shrubs and bushes where the sheep used to rush in to to graze. And it was during the browsing the fur of the animal might have fallen on the branches of the bush from where man had collected the fuzz. It was taken to home and tried to spin which had resulted very good yarn and when it was woven into fiber the fabric gave warm and comfortable experience to the user. Yet the materials was not learnt by the people what it really was. Thus, they tried to explore the source of the the material and found it. Afterwards, the sheep were kept as domestic animal especially to gather wool form the brute though it was petted earlier for other reasons. Now-a-days, it is harvested for commercial purpose and the collected wools are implemented to make many winter wear and other formal and casual wears.

Peeping in to the drawn out lane of history we can observe that the earliest curios used, might be flowers which had attracted the sensible beings with its aromatic fragrance and magnetic beauty. Garnishing with it, a lovely woman would be given the impression nice-looking. Thus the viewers tagged along the mode. After the buds and flowers, wooden and stone ornaments were used for stripping appearances of folk. Then it was put in to practiced formally. Charms of good-looking had fascinated the people and they pursued the vogue without hesitation. Its after the discovery of metals the nature, variety and style came across with a sea change. sawing, filling, buffing and forging metals was well accomplished and technological approaches was undertaken to cast, enamel the stuff into attractive motifs and patterns. Glass jewelry were also used in between those day sooner as the fusing and blowing of glass was learnt. Gorgeous accessories for dressing up were crafted by the olden hands in the early days. The exquisite finding form the relics around the primal civilization speaks volume for the past glory.


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