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Scribing is the nature driven art bestowed to the person by the Above one. Writing has commenced in the human community when they had sought to express their thoughts and feelings and tried to communicate their ideas and conceptions with others through visual representation. The caveman had started scratching on the soils and stones in the early days and he had learned how to illustrate his reactions and emotions through the pictorial ways. With course of time iconography and calligraphy was practiced in some of the oldest civilization. They used to inscribe on the stones and clays with the help of sharp tools. Then they had learned to glaze the clays to make durable on which they used to keep records of their documents. Its after ages they had came known how to write engrave the leaves to mark as their way of communication. Palm leaves was used to carve their letters. Later on they used to compose their works over the fabrics like silks and cotton clothes. Soon after the invention of paper the writing art became an universal practice.


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